Fifty-two words say it all

March 25th, 2010

One of the things you want to come up with, is a list

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of KEY words. 
These keywords, can be some of your skill sets and your attributes.
The fun thing about this exercise is, in the name.
The exercise is called “Fifty-two words say it all”.
When you first hear it, your thoughts go to the kids game of "52 Pick Up"; purchase acomplia where you drop a deck of cards, and the one who said they would play the day, ends misoprostol cytotec up picking them off the floor, as everyone else is laughing.

However, this is a serious exercise.  Why, because it will help you find out what other people see in you. along with what you see or feel about yourself.

No it is not easy.  You will need to do other exercises to really make it work, and it requires others to give you words.

Do it on a yellow pad or on the computer, makes no difference. 
What buy clomid you are working on is different from an elevator speech (60 second me), but it will have some very good connects to several things including your elevator speech.
No, these may not be found in your keywords you would use as your keywords in your resume, and they also may share a few words relating to you skills set list.

One client referred to his list as how he got things done.

This is one exercise you will most likely not be able to get it done in one setting.  Plus you are going to ask friends and family help with words describing you.  If you have ever taken a Briggs Myers personally test or a DISC, you should have the makings to start your list. 

Here is mine as an example.  However, do not copy it verbatim, but use it as an idea starter.  When the interviewer asks you for some words to describe yourself, here is your list to take them from.

I believe these Fifty-two words say it all:
Coach/mentor, facilitator, entrepreneur, workshop presenter, business coach, story teller, confident, committed, explorer, risk taker, leader (community), dynamic, accountable, responsive, a true team player, creative, resourceful, innovative, practical, visionary-intuitive, change maker – vanguard, inspiring, gets stuff done, magical, passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic, magnetic, fun to work with, empowering, on target, RESULTS!  RESULTS!  RESULTS!

BTW the use of RESULTS!  RESULTS!  RESULTS! was added for emphasis not because I ran out of words.  Actually had 83 words to put in, had to edit it back, like you will have to do.

Exercise One

What’s up!

March 25th, 2010

I have worked with professionals on and off, for well over 15 years doing job search coaching. 
First off, let me tell you, you do not have to have a professional background or be highly educated to utilize what I present here. 
Just cytotec side effects making a statement of who I have cheap clomid href=” “>purchase acomplia online helped with job search, in the past.  Also, if I should get using big words or be highly detailed, you will know the answer.

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Some Information

March 25th, 2010

I think I will start out with several basic level information papers and exercises in the developing this new blog from me. 
You will find most if not all the things I offer will be free or very low cost.
However, if I suggest you get one or more of the books cytotec tablet I have recommend.  I hope you will click on the button taking you over to purchase the book on Amazon. 
This will help me defray the cost of running the blog.

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From time to time, you may be invited to a live presentation. 
You will receive the URL and a password to enter the room after a small fee. 
It is an interactive conference room, where you will have video of me, a chat area, and most of all,
I can stream video or share my desktop with you in real time. 
Plus, I will be able to bring you up individually to ask a question or tell us a story at the end of the conference, if you have a camera and microphone. 
We will clomid online rimonabant be using the same kind of room for the paid individual sessions.

Welcome to My World!

March 20th, 2010

Aloha, G’Day, buy generic cytotec and Welcome to Professionals who need some help in finding their next; job, gig, position, cheap clomid online and even their Dream rimonabant acomplia Job!

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